Doors, Gazebos & Hexagon

Gazebo & Chuppah

Hires for Introductory Price of $150

Measures 3m Tall x 3m Wide x 1.5m Deep – Includes the white draping as pictured below – price does not include delivery or set up.

Portable Gazebo or Chuppah – Available for indoors or outdoors – Ideal for Beaches, Gardens and Parks… anywhere that you need…

Hexagon Bliss

Our White Hexagon Bliss Arbour is available plain for you to have your florist add flowers or we have florals available via our friends at CeeDee Flowers. Different colour draping available.

Our Hex Arch measures 2.2m High and 2.3m Wide and 80cm deep

Hexagon Bliss with Burgundy Swag and Sleak Black Draping
Hexagon Bliss with Burgundy Swag
Hexagon Bliss with Burgundy Swag and Burgundy Draping
Hexagon Bliss with White Floral Swag and Green Draping
Hexagon Bliss with White Floral Swag
Hexagon Bliss with signage by Click Celebrations
Hexagon Bliss with Pink Floral Swag and Pink Draping
Hexagon Bliss with Pink Swag
Hexagon Bliss Arbour

Hexagon Double Bliss options…

Hexagon Double Bliss with Earthy Swag Set
Hexagon Double Bliss with Pink & White Rose Swag Set
Hexagon Double Bliss with White Floral Swag Set

Rustic White Door & Rustic Country Doors

Rustic White Doors
Bliss Rustic Country Doors measures 2.5m wide and 2.3m high

Please Note – This does not include flowers, draping or any other decorations, and does not include delivery and set up. This is simply for the two doors and the wood attaching the doors at the top.

Our White Rustic Door can vary in width to accommodate two options…

White Rustic Door Arch with White Swag and lattice between between 1m width, personalised with the couples intials and a “Forever Mine” sign ….*Floral Swag by CeeDee Flowers and “Forever Mine” Sign by Click Celebrations

Option One (above) with the 1m space between the doors allows for us to attach Lattice to hide the view from behind, ideal for walls or ugly scenery. It also allows to hang personalised signs from too…. The 1m opening without the lattice also allows to see the view behind while having the rustic door arch as part of your day!

White Rustic Door Arch, 1m width between doors, White Swag on top and personalised with initials on doors

Option two (above) with the 1.5m space between the doors created the same as above (without the lattice) but will give you a large view of your stunning backdrop if you wish to. However it also allows this arch to be set up at the beginning of your aisle… Imagine walking through these doors and on the other side you see guests seated each side of your aisle and your loved one at the end of the aisle waiting for you… beautiful…

White Rustic Door Arch – 1m Wide Between Doors

White Swag
Burgundy Swag
Pink & White Swag

White Rustic Door Arch – 1.5m Wide Between Doors

The Rustic Door Arch with the 1.5m width is perfect for creating a grand entry way to your ceremony space…

White Swag
Burgandy Swag
Pink & White Swag with extra greenery

Rustic Door Options – 1m Width between doors

These Set ups are ideal if you are wanting to hide an ugly wall or scene or as a backdrop for photos… They can be personalised for you and you can use any combination of floral arrangements available… There is Lattice in the 1m space between the doors to hire that view behind the doors or simply to add another dimention and hang whatever you wish to…

White Swag, Personalised Initials and sign with Love in the Middle
White Swag with Love int he Middle
White Swag with Personalised Sign in the Middle
White Swag with Initials on the doors

Something a bit simpler…. Any colour Draping can be used

Rustic Door Arch with Hot Pink Draping
Rustic Door Arch with Light Pink Draping

Why not add a Chandelier – Rustic Glam…

White Rustic Door Arch 1.5m width between doors, Pink & White Swag and Chandelier


Why not hire the Arch undressed and have your florsit add flowers or add your own flair?

1m Wide Betwwn Doors
1.5m Wide Between Doors
Hire Me as is… Only $150 to hire (plus delivery & Set up Fees)