COVIDsafe Plan

COVIDsafe Plan

We all want to get back to normal, however, what will the “new normal” be? There will certainly be some differences in the way we do things moving forward, however this does not mean our standards drop in any way. We intent to continue with our excellent customer service and products while ensuring the safety of our staff, clients and wider community.

  • All communication via social media platforms, email or phone call
  • Should we need to ‘meet’ in person, to oversee the ceremony location, this will be with masks and social distancing in place
  • Ensure team members are spaced a minimum of 1.5m apart if possible while set up and pack down takes place
  • Space chairs as per the 1.5m physical distancing guidelines
  • Reviewing delivery protocols to limit contact between All 4 Divas team members, venue staff and clients
  • Allow 1 worker per 4 square meters of enclosed workspace if possible while setting up or packing down
  • Avoid carpooling if possible
  • All team members will wear a face mask as per DHHS advice
  • All 4 Divas will provide adequate face masks to team members who do not have their own
  • Ongoing and Updated training on how to correctly fit and wear face masks and appropriate PPE
  • Cloth masks washed every day after use
  • Mask replaced during shift if it becomes dirty or wet
  • Use of gloves whilst on the job
  • Clean surfaces with appropriate cleaning products, including detergents and disinfectant
  • Clean between shifts
  • Regular Handwashing and disinfectant throughout whole shift, including before and after
  • Clean with detergent and disinfectant all hired items before and after hire
  • Reduce the amount of time team members spend in enclosed spaces, if possible
  • Enabling working in outdoor environments, if possible
  • Organise to meet venue staff or clients outdoors if possible
  • Work with venues to enhance airflow by opening windows and doors to optimize fresh air flow in air-conditioned systems, if working indoors
  • Team members usually work alone, however some jobs may need more staff. The daily run sheet will identify which team members have worked together, and will have the appropriate records on this
  • If a team member shows the mildest of symptoms, immediate testing will be done of that member
  • All team members will be notified and unable to attend the workplace until they test negative
  • All contacts will be provided and contacted
  • All records are kept for each day that each team member works, which includes:
    • Where and what location they have worked
    • The time they were present there
    • The date they attended that venue
  • Thoroughly clean the worksite and hired items in the event of a positive case, whether a team member, venue staff or client
  • Contact DHHS and notify of actions taken, provide a copy of the risk assessment conducted and contact details of any close contacts
  • Immediately notify WorkSafe Victoria on 13 26 60 is a team member tests positive with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our workplace
  • Have a plan in the event that we may have been instructed to close by DHHS
  • Have a plan in place to re-open out workplace once agreed by DHHS and notify team members they can return to work
  • Temperature check and recorded on the record for the day before and after each shift
  • Name/s of each Team Member
  • Name & Location of Venue attended
  • Items hired and handled
  • Temperature at the beginning and conclusion of the shift
  • The times arrived at the venue and departed venue
  • Name & Location of any place stopped during shift, such as petrol for example

COVIDsafe Plan updated 20th October 2020

Further Information

For information on how to stay safe during this current Pandemic, you can visit the DHHS website at

For Current Restrictions for Victoria, you can visit the DHHS website at

Business Mask
Business Mask

Our Business Masks are made by Everything Sweaties Apparel

The masks above will be worn by our staff so our clients and venue staff know who we are and what company we represent so we are easily recognised if we need to speak to anybody regarding set up or a meeting

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