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Beautiful Floral Swags to dress up your wedding arch without the expensive price tag

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Green and White Floral Swags

Earthy colours, a natural colour scheme

White Long Floral Swag on a bed of greenery

White Floral Corner Swag Set

Earthy Set, white flowers and greenery with mini pampus grass

Smaller White and Green Swag

A natural and fuller looking Greenery Swag

Ceedee Flowers is the go-to business we choose to dress our arches with beautiful florals. They last all day and unlike fresh flowers, will not wilt in the heat. We have had many people come up just to feel the flowers to see whether they are real or artificial.

Burgundy Floral Swags

A long swag of Burgundy and White Roses

The burgundy draping really highlights the burgundy roses

All floral garlands are for Hire only and will be delivered and installed by Christine herself or by a member of Christine’s team, and they will then return to dismantle the floral swag and pick it up. DIY is not available with the floral swags

Pink Floral Swags

A corner swag of Pink and White Roses

Smaller Pink and White Swags for a delicate look

White Floral Corner Swag Set

Very Country, Set in the top middle Pink and White

The larger corner set of Pink and white Roses

pretty pink and white flowers and soft draping

About CeeDee Flowers

CeeDee Flowers has created many artificial bouquets and floral arrangements for clients for over 30+years. CeeDee Flowers is run and managed by Christine who has over 30+ years of experience as a florist. She now works in another industry, however CeeDee Flowers is her own business where she is able to create her own florals and hire them to clients who wish to have something beautiful without the hefty price attached.


Long Floral Swag on a Gold Arch
Set up for an Elopement at the 2019 Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo
Pink Corner Swag on a white wooden arch with soft pink draping
Set up for the Fashion Parade at the 2020 Summer Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo
Close up of the White Florals
Close up of the White Florals
Close up of the Pink & White Florals
Side View of the Pink & White Florals
What an honour to be asked to create something a bit different for the live elopement at the 2019 October Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo
Using a thin gold metal arch, wisteria vine was used for both legs and across the top to meet the halo of wisteria hanging from the top. Red ribbon was added as this was the colour theme.
Inside the Wisteria Halo
Wisteria Mini Halos for the guest seats

As credited in Wedding & Bride Magazine, issue 16.1

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