There are more photos available to view these backdrops on our Gallery

Our Backdrops are all 3m wide x 2.5m high, some can adust to be a little shorted and more narrow than others

All Backdrops come with their own stand

White Chiffon Backdrop

White Silky Backing with white flowy chiffon in the front

Snow White Backdrop with Fairy Lights

White Silky backing with White Flowy Chiffon in the front, fairy lights in the middle, will need access to a working powerpoint and cannot be outside in the wet elemants

Snow White with Vine (with or without fairy lights)

White silky backing, White flowy chiffon in the front, fairy lights can be used or turned off, and vine hangs in the front

Rustic Ribbon Backdrop

Ribbons include a combination of Hessian, white lace, cream lace, dusty pink and light lavender, can be possibly modified to suit your colour theme. Has no backing so is see through if a little windy

Ice Silk Backdrop with Scolllops

White silky fabric, with scollops along to top, the scollops can be changed for different colours

White Chiffon with Ties Backdrop

White silky backing with white flowy chiffon in the front. Five pieces are individually gathered together and your choice of coloured tie is used to create this look

VIP Backdrop

This vinyl VIP backdrop works well with out Red Carpet and VIP Poles and Ropes. Great to create that grand entry point to your event

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